Schedule & Prices

Schedule - December 2018 

 MINDFULNESS MBSR program - Gaëtane Hermans - certified teacher at University of Massachusetts. Next course in January. Further info at Reception.


Luna 09:30  Pilates Yoga Pilates Yoga Pilates  
Luna 10:30  Yoga Pilates Yoga Pilates Yoga  
Luna 11:30     Yoga T.    Yoga T.    
Luna  4:30   Primary I   Primary I    
Sol  Mini Urban Pre-Primary Yoga Kids* Pre-Primary    
Luna 5:30  Urban Teens  Ballet II Urban Teens  Ballet II Ballet 5pm-6pm  
Sol Urban Kids Pre-Ballet I Urban Kids Pre-Ballet I Points 6pm  
Luna 6:30 Ballet III Pilates Ballet III Pilates


Sol     Mindfulness   MINDFULNESS  -Continuing  
Luna 7:30  Pilates* Yoga Pilates* Yoga    
Sol     Mindfulness      
Luna 8:30  Yoga Yoga Yoga Yoga    

Fees  (maintenance)

Yoga or Pilates 2 X 1hr week Available 5 or 10
Yoga or Pilates or Ballet  3 X 1hr week Available 5 or 10  
Yoga Kids 1 X 1hr week Not available  
Artistic Activities
 Ballet or Jazz  2 X 1hr week not avail
 Oriental Dances or Urban Dances or Contemporary or Points 1 X 1,5hr week not avail
Tap or Jazz or Urban kids  1 X 1hr week no avail
Barra-Fit or Body-Fit 2 X 1 hr week    

10 pre-paid private classes € (couples €)   5 pre-paid private class € (couples )

Private Class €     10 pre-paid group classes €      5 pre-paid group classes €

Discounts (can´t be combined): 2nd course or family member - 5% (discount over total)

Paying 3 consecutive months in advance: -10%

Schedule, fees and discounts are valid until June 2019.

The studio may change schedule, prices or teacher according to it´s needs.

Annual Sign up fee is 15 euros** 

All prices are tax included (21% tax)

** for further information on discounts conditions please contact our reception desk.