Schedule & Prices

Schedule - SEPTEMBER 2019 

Classes with * start when we reach a minimum number of students/clients.


Luna 09:30  Pilates Yoga Pilates Yoga Pilates  
Luna 10:30  Yoga Pilates  Yoga Pilates Yoga  
Luna 11:30     Yoga T.  

Yoga T.

Luna 4:30 Urban Kids* Primary II Urban Kids* Primary II  Flex & Turns*   
Sol  Mini-Urban Primary I Mini-Urban  Primary I    
Luna 5:30  Ballet III/IV   Ballet III/IV       
Sol Urban Kids Pre-Ballet I  Urban Kids  Pre-Ballet I     
Luna 6:30 Urban Teens 6:00 Ballet I* Urban Teens  6:00 Ballet I* 

6:00 MBSR Mindfulness

Sol Points    Points        
Luna 7:30  Pilates  7:00 Yoga* Pilates  19:00 Yoga* MBSR Mindfulness  
Luna 8:30  Yoga  8:00 Meditation*  Yoga  8:00 Meditation*  20:15 Gaetane Hermans Meditation   


Monthly fees is the most economic way of paying, and also stimulates clients to compromise themselves to classes.

Prices include 21% IVA (tax)

Annual Sign up fee*: 15€

Monthly Fees (per group):

3 classes a week, 1 hr each: 55€/month
2 classes a week, 1 hr each: 45€/month
1 class a week, 1 hr each: 33€/month
1 class a week, 1.5 hrs each: 40€/month

Vouchers (without signup fee) for Wellness activities:

Group Class: 10€
Private Class: 30€
10 pre-paid group class card 72€ valid for 2 months.
5 pre-paid group class card 40€ valid for 1 month.
10 pre-paid private class card 250€ valid for 6 months.
5 pre-paid private class card 135€ valid for 3 months.

For private classes in couples or groups, please contact reception, thanks.


Discounts cannot be combined

*Sign up fee won´t be charged again if client is active during 12 months/year.

The studio  may change schedule, prices or teachers according to its needs.

Schedule, fees and discounts are valid until Juy 2019..