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Dance & Arts

Dance is the harmony of technique and expressivity.

An article published by the Department of Neurobiology of Harvard University, United States, states: “dance reduces stress, increases serotonin levels (the so-called “happiness hormone”) and helps develop new neuronal connections”.

Research conducted by the University of Columbia, New York, and Deakin and Derby, affirm: “People who dance are happier, less stressed and much more intelligent”.

Therefore, dance can provide us with significant benefits and satisfaction. Dance can connect us with ourselves and with others. We can channel emotions such as love or rage and improve our mood by activating the famous happiness hormone.

Let’s not forget that “dance is the hidden language of the soul” (Martha Graham).

Dance requires and develops discipline and self-esteem and allows the student to become less inhibited. As a result, students can face the world with greater self-confidence, expressing and transmitting their ideas.

At Armonía, Dance is not only a form of entertainment, but principally a form of education.